High Speed Machining Centers
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High Speed Machining Centers
HDMC Series        

  • Special double-column high speed machine structure for rigid structure and high precision

  • NSK six slide blocks on Z-axis linear way for long-term repeatability accuracy and long working life time.

  • Grease lubrication system features low pollution and low friction.(Opt.)


  • All castings are stress relieved and seasoning treated for long-term accuracy and long service life.

  • NSK roller-type linear guide ways on three axes feature superior dynamic accuracy and long service life.



Lubrication systems employ brass oil tubes


Z axis would lift up automatically during suddenly power cutting to maintain the security of workpieces

Infrared sensor for tool magazine to ensure the security of spindle during changing tools

Japan NSK 35 mm roller type linear guide ways and heavy duty slide blocks

Precise scraping makes all connectives more perfect

All connectives with scraping

  Build-In Type Spindle        








Oil-Air System (Opt.)

˙Spindle speed 16,000 / 20,000 / 30,000 / 36,000 rpm.

˙HSK-E40 / HSK-E50 / HSK-A63 to choose from.
˙High Speed, High efficiency with compact construction.
˙Low noise, minimum thermal displacement, and backlash-free
  • Controls of Mitsubishi , Fanuc, Siemens or Hendenhain to choose from

Mitsubishi M730




Heidenhain iTNC530



Specifications:     Standard Accessories:

HDMC-12E / 12A

X-axis travel 1200 mm
Y-axis travel 700 mm
Z-axis travel 450 / 500 mm
Spindle nose to table surface 100-500 mm / 100-600 mm
Table working surface 1300 × 700 mm
Max.loading capacity 1000 kg
T-slots ( No.× W × P ) 18 × 6 × 100 mm
Spindle speed HSK Grease Oil-Air
HSK-E40 30,000 36,000 (Opt.)
HSK-E50 20,000 30,000 (Opt.)
HSK-A63 16,000 20,000 (Opt.)
Motor  built-in
Spindle drive motor

E40 (4.6)10 kw / E50 15 kw / A63 18kw

Spindle taper hole HSK-E40 / E50 / A63
Tool storing capacity
20 / 16 / 16 Tools
Type Armless
MAX. Tool Dimension Ø40 / Ø50 / Ø65 mm
MAX. Tool Lenght 120 / 150 / 200 mm
X / Y / Z Rapid traverse 32 / 32 / 24 M/min
MAX. Cutting rate

12 m/min

Positioning 0.005 mm / 300 mm
Repeatability  0.003 mm
Roundness  0.008 mm / 300 mm
Machine Size  
Dimension ( L × W × H ) 3225 × 2205 × 2617/2720 mm
Weight 9600 / 10200 kg
* We reserve the right to change design, color or specification without notice.  
    *CNC Mitsubishi M730
*Fully enclosed splash guard
Guide-way cover
*Spindle cooling system
*Auto lubrication system
*Work lamp, Alarm lamp
*Tool box
*Leveling bolts and pad
*Portable M.P.G
*Auto power of f (M30)
*Machine manuals
    Optional Accessories:  
    *CNC controller
   Fanuc / Anilam / Siemens
   Fagor / Selca / Heidenhain
*Automatic tool length measurement
*CNC rotary table 4th axis
*CNC rotary table 5th axis
*Linear scale feedback
*Chip conveyor with cart
*Transformer 220V-380V-440V
*Air cooled heat exchanger
*Graphite processing device
*Precision tool holder, Collet
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